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Plastics Injection Molding & Trading

Plastics produced by 
injection molding
Trading and distributing a
vast array of packaging materials
buckets, jars, canisters, and more



Owning over 100 active molds, we can supply industrial customers in several sectors of industry.

We facilitate production runs together with our key partners at their production facilities. Celeris has built a network of producing partners all over western Europe.



As distributors and traders, we are working in close cooperation with Bryholm Kunststofftechnek in Germany. The product range covers jars, buckets, canisters and other products.

Diversity in product and moulding solution

100+ different products in our catalogue

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Main Offices 9h00 – 17h00 CET


Bergensesteenweg 66
B-1651 Lot

tel : +32 (0)2 306 76 96
fax: +32 (0)2 303 70 20

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