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We have no production of our own. Deliberately. This enables us to develop open and independent working relationships with selected and qualified injection molding companies, located in a 250km radius around Belgium.


Quality management

Celeris offers its expertise to producers, investors, quality mgt teams, product developers. We know the reality of producing plastics inside out. Therefore we can offer our view and experience in setting up, auditing or maintaining a quality system with your supply chain n mind.

Mould development

In need for a new mold, or refurbishing an older one? Celeris can support you developing and shaping your ideas. The goal is to realize your idea in the best possible way. We know the strengths and weaknesses of many mold makers across Europe.
Our independent advice allows you to select the most appropriate mold maker for your project and budget.

Product development

People come to us with ideas, which we help to shape and develop. We bring existing and new products in production in best possible way. We work together with mold makers, robotics specialists, material suppliers,… Our network of partners allows us to source the most competent and most appropriate players to realize your ideas..

As a plastics specialist we distribute products from our partners’ portfolio, as well as our own proprietary products. Our signature trading products are packaging buckets, pots, canisters, trays, mostly for food packaging. Celeris puts its molds to work all over Europe, close to its customers and in the most appropriate and controlled production environments. All our producers are audited and certified. We therefore know exactly which production plant is suited the most to produce with our molds or your molds. 


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