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One needs an extremely biased machine park and operating skills to maintain a competitive position in the market place. For each of our end customers a simple bucket isn’t just a simple bucket… it’s the most efficient receptacle or container for liquid or granulated products. Our customers rely heavily upon shelve life, durability, rigidity and stack ability. All our packaging buckets are tamper proof and food approved.

Decoration is provided on all models, whether it is by offset, screen print or in mold label (IML). Celeris caters to customers in various industries all over Western Europe. We supply to players in the chemical industry, pet food industry, food industry, building & construction, paint industry, toy industry and many more. Take look at our portfolio of standard buckets



Trading of Buckets

Buckets are a very specific product for a very competitive market. Celeris brings to the table the technical background allowing our customers to select and evaluate the most appropriate supplier. As a trading agent our aim is to set-up supply lines directly from factory door to factory door.

Download the bucket catalogue list

The production of buckets
is a specialty
W 20-4274
W 10-4276
W 5.7-4279
W 1 ALS-4281
K 1.7-4309
K 1-4327
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