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We have long standing and professional relationships with the producers in our portfolio. We allocate molds, according to the producer’s strengths. We keep our customers' requirements in check with the producer's capabilities. From our circle of production partners we can source the knowledge needed to produce most any product : thin wall food packaging, precision parts or pharmaceutical delivery systems in clean room conditions. We also provide low cost solutions where price is key. It all depends on what conditions your specific product requires. 

Mold makers:

Our tool makers provide 3 services :
• maintenance of existing molds 
• development of new molds
• expertise at any phase of the mold life cycle
Since the mold always determines the quality and unit cost of the final product,
we only work with a select group of experienced tool makers.  

Raw Materials:

We produce products for all industries and almost all applications. Close ties with a vast array of raw material producers and product specialists allow for a first class support when it comes to the choice of raw materials and quality assurance of the transformed materials such as PP, PE, ABS, PA, TPU, POM, PS, and many more. 

Design bureaus:

Through years of experience we have built a network of creative facilitators, product developers, mechanical engineers and other specialists. They offer you the skillset to realize products with significant added value and appeal.

Automation & robotics:

We like the production plants with whom we work, to be lean and highly competitive. When it comes to IML-robotics we provide various opinions regarding the required robotics to apply in mold labels onto the produced parts, automated packaging, stacking or labeling.  

Decoration & IML printers:

Food packaging is a significant part of our portfolio. We can provide all kinds of decoration methods: in process in mold labeling, off set or screen print. When it comes to the selection of the perfect in mold label we can broker from various suppliers with proven records. All our in-mold label printers have their specific specialties. 

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